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Title: All the Rides We Take
Pairing(s): Gerard/Frank, Alicia/Vicky-T
Word Count: 25375
Rating: PG13
Warning(s): Violence, character death, torture, brainwashing, drug use and alcoholism
With war erupting across Panem following the disastrous 75th Hunger Games, Alicia and Frank work with the rebels to bring about the fall of the Capitol. They continue to worry about Gerard, held prisoner by President Korse and being used to spout Capitol propaganda Mikey, meanwhile, is determined to help bring the Capitol down in any way he can, regardless of the danger. Fusion of Mockingjay.

Author's notes: This is a sequel to The Boy With the Bread and The Cameras Watch the Accidents and Stars You Hate.
Huge thanks to [personal profile] llyrical, who betaed this and was a massive support throughout the entire process.
This is a [community profile] longfic_bingo fill for the 'dystopia' square.


Inspired Works

Check out the gorgeous art by [personal profile] josie, which can be seen here

Listen to the fantastic mix by [personal profile] fisa_is_your_friend, which you can find here

All the Rides We Take )
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Title: The Life We Knew We Would
Pairing: Mikey/Ray
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Explicit sex
Summary: Ray's got enough on his plate trying to get Mikey to hang his damn clothes up and do his share of the cooking, he's not sure when he's going to find the time to think of a way to ask Mikey to move in.
Author's Notes: This was written for [community profile] no_tags, for the prompt: 'Mikey/Ray, moving in by stealth'. Thanks so much to the mods for running the challenge and making it such a fun experience. Huge thanks to my beta, [identity profile] sylvia-locust.livejournal.com, who ensured that Mikey and Ray didn't wind up drinking full cream milk in Walmart's manchester department.

Also available on LJ

The Life We Knew We Would )


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