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Fic title:Divinity
Artist name:[profile] delicioussakura
Genre: wincest
Pairing: Sam/Dean, Ellen/Gabriel
Rating: PG13
Word count: 32946
Warnings: Graphic violence, character deaths, incest, implied child sexual abuse
Summary: Sam wasn't expecting the summons from his estranged father to come work for NERV, but he when he answered it he found himself caught up in a frightening conflict between the remains of the human race and the mysterious angels, who seem bent on their destruction. Only the immensely powerful Evangelions are any match for the angels, and only a few people, Sam among them, can pilot the Evas. With his fellow pilots Dean and Bela, Sam battles the angels, but he learns there might be enemies much closer to home. A fusion of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Also onlivejournal and AO3

 photo photo1_zps9a5f7d7a.jpg

Author's notes: Make sure to have a look at the stunning art created by [profile] delicioussakura and leave her some love!
This was betaed by [personal profile] sylvia_locust, who was incredibly patient with me even though I kept changing things and angsting about everything right down to the wire. Any remaining mistakes are mine as I fiddled with it after she sent it back.
This is a diagonal pair for [community profile] longfic_bingo, filling the 'isolation' and 'crossover/fusion - anime/manga' squares.
Divinity )


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